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From Data to Decisions: The Role of Heat Maps in Customer Insights.


Most companies waste >50% their ad budget in geographies that do not match their customer base. Always find out where your customers are coming from and make sure your ads are running in those areas. We regularly see 80% wasted in Brick and Mortar companies.

Heat maps are a great way to visualize where customers are coming from. The results are always surprising. Here’s what they can do:

✅ Save 50% of your ad budget: Your business is probably running ads in areas that don’t work. Save the budget and stop.

✅ Learn about your customer: Heat maps always yield surprises. You find areas that don’t work that you could swear were working. Understanding why they aren’t working will yield tremendous insight.

✅ Show Missed Opportunity: You will find hidden gems. Active mining will yield great gains.

These maps are cumbersome to produce, but are well worth the time. If you need help, get in contact with us.

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