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Your Customer DOESN'T Want to Talk to You!

It's not uncommon for businesses to emphasize the importance of phone-based customer service. However, unless you’re selling products with long sales cycles or to the elderly, people are only calling if they’re desperate, confused, or annoyed. They aren’t calling to be friends.

For most industries, for every customer who calls your business, there are likely two or three others who were unable to find the information they needed online and subsequently turned to a competitor. If you want to fix phone-based customer service issues, make sure they don’t have to call!

Data often makes this clear. Find out when and why people are calling. Make sure the information is easily available online. Iterate until phone calls drop!

We’ve seen client after client say they want to train and retrain employees to answer the phone. Then we find the real issue. Fix the digital experience. Then phone calls drop by 70% while revenue rises dramatically.

Remember: the best phone call experience from your customer is a phone call they don’t feel they have to make.

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